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PYS Education Project

W e all know the importance of education nowadays. No one can survive a good and standardized life without education. Also its is very much essential for the growth and prosperity of our country that each and every individual must be educated and literate.

Keeping in view these facts, PYS Education project is to educate all the children of Pakistan. It is our Dream,our Aim , and our Pledge. To work for this project our team members visits those schools and areas / villages which are far from the cities to find out the needy children. Secondly, we also receive applications from the students who are eager to study but cannot afford it. So, for this we provide all the education facilities including all mind of monthly expenses for those students and make them able to continue their studies.

W hat we get from this? Hard work and struggle of any individual never ever get in vain. And if the hard work is in the path of Education then there it becomes a prayer and no doubt the SUCCESS will be the one's future. And this is what we have dreamed for. We appeal to all the that please help us and donate us so that we can continue our mission of the providing the education to the needy children.

W ith our this Education project we have able to make many children educated. As a result they are now working in different fields of life and leading a successful life. With our this effort and struggle those students who were being sponsored by us according to our Education project are also now contributing a major role in the progress and growth our country.