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Founder's Message
Pakistan Youth Spring

Let's Spread Happiness All Around Us

Dr. Izhar Hashmi

Founder - PYS


Thanks for stopping by on our site.

We founded this NGO because of we want to give an opportunity to help the poor children, people and youths in Pakistan. We also want to spread happiness and prosperity to our children who miss the opportunity of availing the good standards of life.

I am happy to say, we have been blessed with generous donors and a dedicated volunteers, due to which our expectations have been surpassed. I am also looking forward to have more helping hands for us to keep the mission of PYS alive and in working state.

What we do best is help to cultivate the core skills needed to become and remain responsible citizens: sensory awareness, imagination, and systems thinking. We focus on tuning into the world around us and using it to practice solving real problems and making real discoveries. This helps students to be present in the here and now, as well as to prepare for solving future problems in a rapidly changing world. It requires looking beyond the obvious, seeking patterns others might not have noticed, figuring out how disparate things might be connected, and effectively communicating findings.

Come be a part of our mission.

Thanks all.

Helping orphans for happiness

Improving life standards of our society

Aimed to remove hunger

Working voluntarily just for happy life