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PYS Orphanage Project

T he ultimate aim is for the orphans to be integrated back into a normally functioning breeding population.

Orphans need more sympathy and care than all the other children. Parents are like a shelter for the children. So, what happens when there is no shelter for for any body. Similarly we can feel the feelings of the orphans as they have no shelter for them on their heads. So, PYS focuses on these children as they need our sympathy.

T he Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said: “When an orphan cries the Heaven shudders, then Almighty Allah says, ‘O Angels, Is this the same orphan whose father has been buried in the earth?’ The Angels reply, ‘(O Allah) you are the all-knowing.'' Then Allah would say, ‘O My Angel be a witness. Whoever consoles this orphan and makes him happy, I will make him happy on the day of QiyAma.’”

I t is so that what we are striving for. Our mission is to make the life of orphans happy and comfortable. We provide them shelter and education and all the expenditures are fulfilled with the donations of the rich people. We appeal you to come forward and help us and donate us so that we can continue this holy mission.